165/365 – Meditation Games #165 – Moving On Up

Developer: Brenden Gibbons

The process of moving has always been multi-faceted in many ways, beyond just trying to pick up tent stakes and move somewhere else for whatever reason. It’s an opportunity to think about how you approach things as you start over in a new place, a way to reflect on memories that you’ve had while you’ve been living where you’ve been, and in the case of this developer’s Meditation Games entry, to organize your life and also figure out what goes with you.

Some people find the last part a bit cathartic but also symbolic. It’s a nice feeling to be able to organize and box up what is essentially your material life into different compartments and organized containers, and a way to try to figure out if some of what you’ve acquired over the years isn’t necessary to take with you going forward. This is probably kind of the intent of the developer’s message, as there are a ton of boxes, organized by type, but perhaps only a limited amount that you have to determine are worth taking. As far as moving experiences go, that’s definitely accurate.

The symbolism, I think is more of the visualization and iconography that the developer puts into this game. You’re able to clearly see what’s labeled and what each box represents, but you’re also made to think that each box, or the boxes collectively represent the some total of your life in some way. In this sense, much like life in general, there are things that come into your life and those that exit at an equal pace, and also things that you leave behind and things that you pick up and take with you. If it isn’t material things, it’s most certainly outlook, attitude, philosophy, ideas, aspirations, and goals. Moving helps try to crystallize and focus those ideas into things which no doubt help in your decisions trying to figure out what to take elsewhere, making the act of moving as much about a mental action as it is a physical one.

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