166/365 – Meditation Games #166 – Summer’s Inception

This time of year, at least where I am, is always one of my favorite times. The weather finally stops teasing being warm and actually begins to be warm, that subsequent warmth isn’t terribly and overbearingly hot but is instead comfortable and nice to go out in. Sure, if you’re an adult you no longer get that “school’s out” feeling that you get when you used to get three months off of class out of the year, but ther eare other ways in which the summer holiday gets celebrated as an adult – either with beach trips, or barbeques, or by summer events.

165/365 – Meditation Games #165 – Moving On Up

The process of moving has always been multi-faceted in many ways, beyond just trying to pick up tent stakes and move somewhere else for whatever reason. It’s an opportunity to think about how you approach things as you start over in a new place, a way to reflect on memories that you’ve had while you’ve been living where you’ve been, and in the case of this developer’s Meditation Games entry, to organize your life and also figure out what goes with you.