160/365 – Meditation Games #160 – Skynet Shmup

Unifying and consistent themes when it comes to certain old school game genres are always interesting to see to me, even if people find them just a little bit repetitive on some level. When it comes to the shmup genre, I’ve always taken solace in the fact that inevitably, many of them focus in on science-fiction-y or technology elements. These either focus on aliens or artificial intelligence gone wrong, resulting in an overwhelming army of targets following the same flight patterns punctuated by the occasional floating enemy and of course, the boss that takes multiple shots and an exact accurate weak spot to fire on. And of course, a lot of dodging of bullets, missiles, and other projectiles.

159/365 – Meditation Games #159 – Spread The Love

One of the things that I think this project has uncovered that’s been neat to me is the fact that old school game presentations seem to get a new coat of paint. Because the developers have had parameters set as far as how they put forth what they do as well as ensure that the games they develop take about 5 minutes to play, the result for some of the entries is a simple graphical setup and mechanics with equally straightforward goals. This entry, which reminded me of the top down exploration/action puzzlers of days gone by, is just another example of this.