157/365 – Meditation Games #157 – Storm Chaser

One thing that’s always fascinated me about photographers is the fact that they’re more often than not very patient people when it comes to taking shots. Maybe this is because traditionally this hearkens back to a time when photographers were limited in some way by the amount of film they had, and had to make sure that their shots counted, but even in the age of digital, trying to find that perfect shot, that excellent angle, that captures the moment is one requiring a great deal of patient forethought.

156/365 – Meditation Games #156 – WEDnesday Environmental Care

When I was growing up, there was a primary vehicle for making sure I was environmentally conscious, and that was the Captain Planet show. Sure, it was often at 6:30am in the morning on Saturdays, but I always managed to either make sure it was recorded or be up way too early for my own good, eating breakfast cereal while Captain Planet and the Planeteers saved the Earth from pollution and bad environmental practices. When the show went away, the programs that encouraged environmental awareness didn’t seem as far-reaching – and certainly not as fantastical.