150/365 – Meditation Games #150 – D&D’s IRL Saving Roll

I’m not a D&D player – not necessarily because it isn’t my bag, but like Pokemon and Harry Potter, it’s an intersection of geek culture that I never really had the time to get into. Long-term time commitments have always been the bane of someone like me who is constantly busy, so as fun as D&D looked, it didn’t seem like I’d be able to both learn rules and be able to participate in a way that was a meaningful contribution to the campaign.

149/365 – Meditation Games #149 – POGStalgia

I never really got into the POGS craze of the late 90s (and yes, I realize that means I’m most certainly dating myself), and part of that was the fact that I was playing and obsessing over Magic: The Gathering, a game that at the time, seemed like it would be a popular fad like POGS was (oh, how time has proven us wrong). As a result I never really had a chance to play with POGS that much, but that didn’t keep me from appreciating this little nostalgia gem from back then.