145/365 – Meditation Games #145 – Convention Memories

Developer Credits: Michael Arcadi, tusndere twintails

Launcher Quote: “seeing so many people like you

when normally so scattered and few

wearing outfits that fit like a glove

like halloween but with much more love

sharing this can be quite hard to do

walking around and seeing the view

i’ve done my best to capture this day

and how it was like on first May”

The sights of a fan convention are always a core part of why people attend one. Walking around, seeing things like the dealer’s room, the artist’s alley, the spectacle of opening ceremonies, the panel rooms, the videos being shown, the hotel or convention center being transformed into a celebration of the con’s subject – all of these are a part of the convention experience. But none of these really tops being able to see cosplayers walking around, depictions of themselves as their favorite characters and the bright colors and carefully constructed costumes accompanying the normally dressed attendees.

I was involved in anime conventions for a decade, and all the things that you’re able to see in this game are things that you can see any any convention out there in that ilk. There’s always a group photo going on. There’s always a few cosplayers who have gone out of their way to take painstaking effort to create accurate and complex costumes for their favorites. There’s always some randomness that happens around cosplayers from the same show or the same series, or who are on some level role playing as well as dressing up. All of it is worth recording and is a big reason why you see so many cosplay galleries for post-conventon reports out there.

More than anything, though, there’s a sense that these are indelible memories when it comes to cosplaying – things that are a visual snapshot of what was popular or prominent at a particular convention that year, and things that serve as an evolution of cosplay itself as far as quality and variance. It’s entirely worth it to take photos of this, and even though you’re limited to just 14 in this offering, there are photos that show much much more when it comes to the real thing. It’s one of the best things to show people who wanted to go but couldn’t, and one of the ways cosplayers often get appreciated for their work, as well.


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