144/365 – Meditation Games #144 – Standing Up For Serenity

In a lot of ways, people who are victims of bullying become overly accommodating to those who bully them. This is accomplished in a bunch of different ways, whether it is the victim blaming themselves about the bullying, to trying to justify the reasons that the bullying is happening, to trying to normalize it, and more. But the primary way in which bullying victims accommodating the bullying is through simply suffering through it, through no fault of their own. They choose to try to put up with what’s happening to them constantly day in and day out by just enduring it, trying to let things wash over them in order to just try to get through it, hoping that it will let up, even if it never does, or as is mostly the case, have it get worse for them.

143/365 – Meditation Games #143 – Flowering Uniqueness

I’ve found flowers to be a curious thing, aside from the obvious appreciation I have for all of them, because of the fact that even though there are types and categories, consistent visual elements and botany which organize them, that no two of the same flower look exactly alike. Even though on the surface or at a glance they might seem to be such, there’s always a little subtle set of differences that set one flower of the same type from another.

142/365 – Meditation Games #142 – Wedding Day

On many levels, wedding days are the end of a lead-up to an amazing day, filled with preparation, planning, many involved people, and a ton of anticipation. They’re the culmination of a joining and union of two people who met, dated, fell in love and decided they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. In a lot of ways, a wedding day is more lived than it is thought of, as everything that was done leading up to this is full of nothing but thinking, and the event itself is just the execution, the day as (mostly) planned.