138/365 – Meditation Games #138 – Meditation Game

Developer: John Kane

Launcher Quote: “This game was inspired by conversations with my partner Anthea about what it feels like to try and meditate when you have ADHD.

Please try to breathe in time with the colour on-screen while playing.”

It was probably only a matter of time before an actual meditation game made it into the Meditation Games project. Even though there’ve been entries that have implied a sense of meditation or have said that what was being done was a meditation like activity in the midst of doing something else, like appreciating nature or looking at some viewpoint, there hasn’t been a game that has literally handled the activity of meditating until now, and it’s just as enjoyable and symbolic as it is meant to be.

Working to try to continuously best my time at being able to stay focused and meditating even while obstacles threatened to get in my way, I realized that this was a good way of trying to visualize the elements that often threaten to remove that sense of zen. Usually the idea is that the things that you have to clear your mind of, such as the distractions and mental stresses, tend to be more intangible than actually things that you can grasp, but seeing them as trying to penetrate the barrier of your inner peace, and you having to maintain it, is very much in line with how it is when you’re actually meditating.

The other interesting twist on things is that the developer makes an effort to put forth that this is meditation when having ADHD, which is certainly short for meditation on hard mode. I’ve liked that many of the recent entries in this series of games have tried to deal with the stigma and the coping with mental health issues, as it adds a bit more realism and humanity to the message being sent. It’s not always going to be standard/easy as far as dealing with the usual distractions when trying to achieve mental calmness, and having to visually see what that’s like provides just a bit more context for those of us who don’t have to deal with it every day.

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