139/365 – Meditation Games #139 – Garden of Cultivation

There’ve been some entries about plant life, growing it, and watching it eventually becoming something that is much bigger than ourselves, but unlike one of the recent entries I had to deal with that decided to take this approach to an 8 hour extreme, this entry only lasts 5 minutes no matter what choices you make. That limited time period, however, made for an interesting experience for me when I was playing.

138/365 – Meditation Games #138 – Meditation Game

It was probably only a matter of time before an actual meditation game made it into the Meditation Games project. Even though there’ve been entries that have implied a sense of meditation or have said that what was being done was a meditation like activity in the midst of doing something else, like appreciating nature or looking at some viewpoint, there hasn’t been a game that has literally handled the activity of meditating until now, and it’s just as enjoyable and symbolic as it is meant to be.