136/365 – Meditation Games #136 – Hope Blooming

Developer: Kris Dikeman

Launcher Quote: “May 16, 2019,

To me, May is a hopeful month. A time for planting seeds, planning trips. The 16th, sitting right in the middle, is the high point.”

Some of the developer’s launcher quote today made me chuckle a little bit – not necessarily because of the fact that I didn’t believe what they were saying, but because of the fact that I’m from a place that tends to have very violently different weather depending on what day it might be. To me, the month of May is that creeping sense of whether or not the warm weather from one day will stick around or will suddenly just drop to cold and rainy the next.

But crazy weather patterns aside, it was interesting to see the imagery presented in this Meditation Games entry. There was a ripple effect from the purple object that shifted and danced on the surface of images that seemed to change, grow, or get brighter with every shift, a kind of hopeful evolution that seemed to spread when it was displayed on screen. Like the way that the seasons turn towards warmer climes in the certain places in the world, the sphere that radiated did a lot to inspire a sense of change and upcoming growth. Summer, after all, is to many a chance to accomplish and do more and May is the preamble to that.

While May 16th is not the only day in the year where this can be marked as a new start for many of us, I do think that it’s a reminder that it only takes one perception of trying to plant seeds to make things better to get the process started. The idea that there is hope when there has been cold and darkness, whether that is in the colder part of the seasons or in our lives, is an optimistic one, and while success is by no means guaranteed, one only need to take that first step, plan that first set of tasks, resolve that first bunch of goals to have the same ripple and growth effect that the sphere we saw had on our lives. Just another way of saying that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

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