136/365 – Meditation Games #136 – Hope Blooming

Some of the developer’s launcher quote today made me chuckle a little bit – not necessarily because of the fact that I didn’t believe what they were saying, but because of the fact that I’m from a place that tends to have very violently different weather depending on what day it might be. To me, the month of May is that creeping sense of whether or not the warm weather from one day will stick around or will suddenly just drop to cold and rainy the next.

135/365 – Meditation Games #135 – Exploring Pain And Loss

Events that stick with us and can affect us are double-edged in nature. While there are some times that there are meaningful, impactful positive events in life that can be game-changing, the same is true for the most traumatic, negative, and painful events in our lives. While I think most people understand this, I think that there’s an underestimation sometimes about how deeply the bad events, especially if they involve family, can cut to the bone and can stay with people.