132/365 – Meditation Games #132 – Temporary Butterfly

Developer: Joarez Ceccato Santini

Launcher Quote: “When we lose the person that we thought we would spend the rest of our life with, we try to forget all of our memories, we try to “move on”. But what we should really do is look back and realize how it was important to make you the person you are today.”

It’s no secret that people will enter and exit your sphere of influence and work with or be with you in the course of your life. Some of these will stay with you for longer than others, and a subset of these will be, on some level of another, special enough to intend on being not only close to you but to be there for practically forever.

But the developer behind this entry is a bit more realistic and sobering in their viewpoint of how likely it is that this stays this way. While it’s true that some people do find that butterfly that flies with them until the end of their days, there are those who think they’ve found that, find some kind of happiness and bliss in flying together for a time, only for it to be taken away from them or for them to leave their orbit. You can kind of see this in the mechanics of the game that’s being presented to us. There’s a contrast of happiness and sadness in this, as you are shown beautiful butterflies and see them influence each other in their respective spaces and auras as they fly together, only to  fly apart and have a difficult time doing so.

Despite some of the sadness, however, there is still a message of hope that I saw that is reflected in both the butterflies retaining a bit of what they were exposed to in flying together and in the launcher quote. You’re not less of someone if someone leaves you and you go through a difficult time trying to move on. You’re not trash just because of something terrible that happened to you that resulted in you not flying with the person that you thought you’d be with. Instead, you’re more than you were before, better on a certain level because of what you’ve learned and what you remember, and most of all, like the butterfly in the game, you’re still flying, and still open to being able to fly with others who can potentially enrich you even more, despite the pain.

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