128/365 – Meditation Games #128 – Dance Break On The Reef

Normally puns aren’t really my thing – I’m the kind of person that tends to groan at them more than make them, but in this case, I found myself chuckling at how appropriate it was. Having a Meditations game entry happen on “May-8” to talk a bit about Australia day is entirely appropriate for what was shown today in a bit of levity that was tempered by a bit of seriousness about the day as a whole as well as treatment of nature. The beach is usually a place that, while inhabited by fellow humans due to how nice it is in the right kind of weather, is also a place where nature can be observed in the form of beach and shore animal life. I know I’ve spent many a beach day enjoying watching the animals live their lives on the beach and near the reefs, most of the time blissfully ignorant of the humans cluttering up their home for the day.

127/365 – Meditation Games #127 – To The Top Of The Mountain

Early platformers were all about that climb to the eventual top or the end of the stage, and challenged you in so many ways. I’m probably dating myself here, but I can recall many hours spent trying to ensure that I could make it to and beat the boss of any NES Ninja Gaiden stage, try to climb my way up to the top of the tower in Bionic Commando, and carefully bounce my way up into hidden heights in Metroid.