123/365 – Meditation Games #123 – The Grind

Developer Credits: Adone Kitching, Evan Greenwood

Launcher Quote: “Eight hours a day, forth hours a week, twenty days a month seeps into every corner of your being. Boredom, loneliness, and endless frustration become all too familiar when you’re stuck in job that brings no joy or satisfaction. Desk is a reflection on the impact of one phone call, changing someone’s reality from grey to colour.”

A bunch of people I know aren’t much for JRPGs due to the amount of mindless grinding they can sometimes require in order to reach your goals. It’s possible that part of the reason that I can play and enjoy them is because I have an understanding that the genre, for all of its bland repetitiveness in terms of doing things sometimes, may have nothing on the grind that people can sometimes find themselves in when they’re going through a job that isn’t really doing anything for them.

I’ve been in situations like the one depicted by the game in this Meditation Games entry, where it seems that I’m picking things up and moving them around aimlessly on the desk in order to look like I’m busy, but really it’s just to stave off some of the dread that I’ve had to face in order to keep going with the work of the day. The mechanics of picking up and putting down things, even as they bounce and drop onto the desk, seem to convey a kind of weight all its own – the idea that it feels like a burden to even move a stapler or a set of papers around just contributes to the overall feeling of grindiness, and the color scheme definitely has you feeling colorless and thus a bit lifeless with the fictional job you’re doing.

Such depictions are a reminder that if we ever do find ourselves in a situation where it’s a drag to come to work or do what we do every day, that we should try to do something, even if it’s something small, to try to break that grind and that monotony, to try to combat the feeling of non-fulfillment. Nobody’s saying it’s easy – after all, if one of these actions is to try to make a life change and find new, more satisfying work, it’s not always as obvious or able to be done so simply. But even in the midst of the monotony, there are things to try – being more assertive about doing something different, getting involved in something other than what you normally do, or even changing up your daily routine on the job, and more – all of these are little steps (along with the big ones) to try to break up the grind – lest you spend eight hours a day literally pushing papers around. Complacency, after all, is the bigger enemy.


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