123/365 – Meditation Games #123 – The Grind

A bunch of people I know aren’t much for JRPGs due to the amount of mindless grinding they can sometimes require in order to reach your goals. It’s possible that part of the reason that I can play and enjoy them is because I have an understanding that the genre, for all of its bland repetitiveness in terms of doing things sometimes, may have nothing on the grind that people can sometimes find themselves in when they’re going through a job that isn’t really doing anything for them. 

122/365 – Meditation Games #122 – Man-Made Epiphany

There’ve been a few Meditation Games entries that have taken the outside/nature element to include in their games, sending a message that an epiphany of sorts is waiting for those that go out into the natural world and take in its wonder and beauty in order to gain that insight. But the 122nd entry in the series kind of turns this the opposite way, putting forth that sometimes it is something that is manmade that brings out that sense of insight and self-reflection about one’s nature.