119/365 – Meditation Games #119 – Non-Fitting Puzzle

Developer Credits: Baptiste Billet, Thomas Dupont

Launcher Quote: “Right now, everyday throughout the world, society is forcing people to comply with a normative narrative.

Even if it hurts, even if it means cropping out those who don’t fit in the frame, the more unique humans around us.

We all tend to put people in boxes.

But we’re in 2019, and it’s high time we celebrated differences instead of crushing them.

Simple decisions have consequences. Do the right thing.

It might not always seem obvious, but there’s always a way out.

Love you.”

A lot has been made of some of the previous entries in the Meditations Games series for putting things together, grabbing parts and combining them, trying to solve puzzles. This entry, however, puts things on its head by embracing the fact that while there are times for the puzzle to come together logically there are times when this is not the case, that we should embrace differences and the way that pieces don’t fit together, or even leave holes.

Like any game in the series, this entry introduces the idea of this concept gradually, giving you at first pieces that fit together logically, and then eventually introducing the fact that there are puzzles for which the pieces don’t have parts, or which aren’t an obvious fit. It’s a bit of a turning on its head as far as game mechanics go – after all, a lot of games, and especially those that are in the adventure vein from a genre perspective, are all about making sure everything is logical and fits together properly. So when you’re shown that there are pieces that not only don’t fit together but are still a part of moving on with the game, it takes a little getting used to.

But just as the launcher quote talks about being more accepting of differences and things that don’t fit together neatly in logical units, so too that I think a lot of people tend to go through these phases trying to grow and accept people who don’t fit with them, either. As we meet different people living different lives, and we figure out how diverse and not like us they can be, the message is that we should learn to accept them, not reject them out of hand because of the fact that they don’t necessarily fit together with us. It’s a message that you might think is obvious, but in today’s polarizing world, is worth a reminder that needs to be stated.

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