113/365 – Meditation Games #113 – Knowledge Celebration

Developer: Berny Cantos

Launcher Quote: “From the blood flowing of the dragon a red rose was born.

In Catalonia we celebrate today “La Diada de Sant Jordi” – Saint George’s Day – by giving away roses and books (honoring also the day Cervantes and Shakespeare died) to our dear ones.

Streets burst with life, full of rose stalls, book sellers and “senyeres”, flooded of people who wander, looking for gifts.

Here, in Barcelona, the most visited street is Les Rambles, each of its 1200 meters providing the goods for this celebration.

Not the best day to stay outside if you feel overwhelmed by crowds.”

I enjoyed reading about the celebration and holiday mentioned in the launcher quote for today, which obviously made the game a lot more easier to enjoy and understand the message behind, but for this in particular, I had a particular appreciation because the celebration involves being joyful about prose, books, and knowledge. Knowledge, especially in these current times where things are vastly more turbulent and polarizing than before, is a valuable commodity, and there are few holidays or celebrations these days that have it as the central part of why we’re having the holiday or celebrating.

I hadn’t ever heard about Saint George’s Day before, and to imagine the fact that there are people looking to give away books, filled with literature, worlds that people didn’t know existed, or knowledge that they hadn’t had an understanding of before, seems like a very worthy cause to celebrate indeed. To celebrate books is to celebrate one of our most treasured mediums for ensuring that history, literature, works of art, and the like all continue to stand the test of time – that knowledge is to be valued and not put away, shoved to the side, or otherwise taking a back seat to the festivities that the game obviously was looking to depict.

Most importantly, celebrations persist down through generations if we’re going to be optimistic about humanity’s future. A celebration that has occasion to center around or give away knowledge in the form of books is one that is significant in a variety of ways – in part because the sharing of knowledge is so important for enlightening and spreading around the facts that dictate how our world works or what imagination that bards like Shakespeare could use. But it’s also important because someone else, in all likelihood someone younger, has the chance to pick up the knowledge, learn from it, become perhaps passionate about it whether in discussion or in understanding, and then in turn pass that along when it comes time to do so. The game ended in a very short period of time as you walked the player through the streets and the book bazaar, but you can bet the intention was to ensure the knowledge and books passed to you would last much longer than a 5 minute game for a prolific development project.

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