107/365 – Meditation Games #107 – The Winding Path To Love

Developer Credits: Jethro Bell, Evrim Karacetin

Launcher Quote: “Love requires courage to give and take, equally and in balance. Being open to receiving love is as important as giving love. And giving is as important as receiving. You deserve to be loved. Be open to giving and receiving it.

Ask cesaret ister. Almak ve vermek cesaretine sahip olmayi gerektirir. Esit ve denge halinde. Almaya acik olmak, vermek kadar onemilidir. Vermek de almak kadar. Sevilmeyi hak ediyorsun. Sevgiyi almaya da; vermeye de acik ol.”

People, not surprisingly, want things to be simple and straightforward for many of the goals they want to achieve in life. There’s a certain set of ideas and thoughts about getting to where you want to me and most times, people like to think that traveling to that point should happen in logical, purposefully set steps. While this does happen some of the time, for the most part one discovers that the path to get to where you’re at is not always as clear in front of you, is filled with forks, twists, and turns, and almost always involves re-shuffling your plans for some reason.

This, I think has a high chance of happening even more when it comes to love. Finding, getting, and keeping someone who loves you isn’t always a straightforward thing. While there are some universal truths when it comes to romance, for the most part being with someone means knowing uniquely how to treat them well, make them feel loved, and receive love in turn. It’s not always an easy or paint-by-numbers path, either. The game does an good way of displaying this by showing the maze that you need to go through to get to your partner at the end of the game. The path is obviously not really one that is obvious or easy to get to at first glance, and while getting there is rather simple after looking at it for a few seconds, this too appears to be a metaphor for how 20/20 hindsight can be when it comes to the trials and tribulations of romance.

That being said, it’s worth noting that getting to the end in this game is only meant to be the beginning of the real challenge – maintaining and ensuring that you keep solving the puzzles and mazes that are communication and affection, ensuring you get to the end of those mazes in order to keep reaching out and letting your partner know you’re there for them. It’s a constant thing that needs to be done, but one that nets a reward that’s hard to pass up.

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