106/365 – Meditation Games #106 – Magic Number 100

Developer Credits: Renaud Marshall, Harry Pepe IV

Launcher Quote: “100

Annie Oakley set the women’s marksmanship record by breaking 100 clay targets in a row on this day in 1922.”

This entry in the Meditation Games series reminded me of not just the historical factoid that inspired its creation but also of the simple yet unforgiving nature of some of the early games I used to play. Such games demanded a constant, well-practiced execution of game mechanics, lest you fail at them and start all over again once you run out of lives. I remember fondly (and perhaps with some horror) some Atari games that were like this as well as some of the early Nintendo 8-bit games (you’ve never realized true frustration until you’ve tried to play through the same sequence in Ninja Gaiden 12 times).

Thus I kind of fell asleep at the wheel a couple of times trying to get to the magic number of 100, and had to start all over from 0 again. You’d think that clicking on discs moving at various speeds would be easy, but maybe in my old age I’ve gotten a little bit slow when it comes to my reflexes. I did eventually get there, but not before learning some lessons on how the discs were moving, at what speed, and what I needed to do to make my clicks most effective. It was definitely a reminder that even the seemingly straightforward games that have a pretty obvious goal aren’t always a walk in the park.

Combine this with the fact that the quote talks about a pretty impressive feat of shooting, all in a row, and I get the sense that life itself, or goals building up to that magic number of 100 – whether that is 100 percent done with something, 100 days in a row doing something on the regular that improves your life, getting through adversity 100 days removed or what have you. It takes an effort of building up something like that, day after day or milestone by milestone. Thankfully, life isn’t as unforgiving as to reset you to 0 all the time, but no matter what the penalty is for stumbling, the important thing is that building up to that magic number should be a learning experience.




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