107/365 – Meditation Games #107 – The Winding Path To Love

People, not surprisingly, want things to be simple and straightforward for many of the goals they want to achieve in life. There’s a certain set of ideas and thoughts about getting to where you want to me and most times, people like to think that traveling to that point should happen in logical, purposefully set steps. While this does happen some of the time, for the most part one discovers that the path to get to where you’re at is not always as clear in front of you, is filled with forks, twists, and turns, and almost always involves re-shuffling your plans for some reason.

106/365 – Meditation Games #106 – Magic Number 100

This entry in the Meditation Games series reminded me of not just the historical factoid that inspired its creation but also of the simple yet unforgiving nature of some of the early games I used to play. Such games demanded a constant, well-practiced execution of game mechanics, lest you fail at them and start all over again once you run out of lives. I remember fondly (and perhaps with some horror) some Atari games that were like this as well as some of the early Nintendo 8-bit games (you’ve never realized true frustration until you’ve tried to play through the same sequence in Ninja Gaiden 12 times).