102/365 – Meditation Games #102 – The Cat Show

Developer: Emilie Reed

Launcher Quote: “On April 12 2018 my boyfriend and I went to a cat show in Dundee. All Cats Are Beautiful.”

On one hand, putting pets on display is kind of a strange thing. Most of the moments experienced with pets that are significant happen at home, in the comfort of family, and are things that build that relationship with your pet that endear them to you (and vice versa). But shows, on the other hand, allow you to share the quirkiness and cuteness of your pets with others, or for those without homes, to be potentially brought into homes of their own.

I’ve written a bit about cats before, as it relates to previous Meditation Games entries so far this year, but there’s something about an actual show dedicated to cats that makes it made for them in a way. Cats with their clear confidence and self-importance and their like of having people pay attention to them make it seem like a cat show is a great way to showcase those different, independent personalities that cats have. And of course, it’s a way for all those cats’ humans to commiserate and talk about how cool it is to be a cat owner and to swap stories about their beloved felines.

In this vein, the last shot of all the different cats you’re allowed to see in the show being on display, proudly, is an appropriate shot. It’s something you can totally see happening as far as the cats are concerned (and to be honest, the humans that own them as well), and a testament to the fact that for all the stereotypical worship that cats feel like they deserve, the street goes both ways and it takes two to tango. Humans love cats (and love all the pets they keep, to be honest) so the idea of not just a cat show but a show in which all the cats at them receive at least some love and attention from the humans in attendance sounds like the perfect way to spend some of your free time.


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