102/365 – Meditation Games #102 – The Cat Show

On one hand, putting pets on display is kind of a strange thing. Most of the moments experienced with pets that are significant happen at home, in the comfort of family, and are things that build that relationship with your pet that endear them to you (and vice versa). But shows, on the other hand, allow you to share the quirkiness and cuteness of your pets with others, or for those without homes, to be potentially brought into homes of their own.

101/365 – Meditation Games #101 – Baby Contentment

This was one of the first entries to employ actual physical props in order to simulate the experience of holding a newborn while feeling and hearing them breathe and make noises, which was an interesting ask considering every other game has relied on the game itself in order to elicit a feeling or show you what a particular moment or emotion felt like, but it isn’t like having a prop is a bad thing. Motion and VR gaming in the last few years has ensured that we do some kind of physical action or have some kind of physical item in order to play, so asking for a package of rice isn’t out of the realm of possibility here.