98/365 – Meditation Games #98 – Meaningful Petals Falling

Developer Credits: Renaud Bedard, Rodrigo Rubilar, Arthur Shlain, Chameleon Design

Launcher Quote: “On April 9th 2013, my girlfriend and I visited Nara, Japan at the end of cherry tree flowering season. We mostly came for the deer, but the lasting image in my mind is one of petals filling the sky as the trees get swept by the wind…”

We saw a previous entry where looking at the Aurora Borealis created a sense of meditative calm and peace, so it was only a matter of time before we had another entry in the same vein. This time around, the view is from cherry blossom petals falling slowly from a tree, which at first glance may seem like every relaxing or significant scene from cinema, but which still potentially has a deeper meaning.

Part of why this might have meaning is the imagery is a bit different and also closer to home. Whereas the Aurora entry had t the phenomenon way in the distance and far away, this is more of an up close and personal display, and one that one can walk into and around, as the controls allow you to do so. This puts the player in a place that is closer to the value of the whole idea of “nature as a state of relaxation and thought” that makes some of the more thoughtful entries in the meditation games series what they are.

Being this close to nature means it’s a lot easier to symbolize what you’re thinking about as you’re observing it. It’s part of the reason why people refer to “being closer to nature” as a reason for why they decide to take camping trips and vacations. They don’t want to just see something distant in nature – they want to be a part of it, to experience it, and ultimately for it to have an effect on them that they want it to have. It’s why even though this is a classic scene as far as falling petals are concerned, that is has the potential, for those experiencing it, to have more that inspires them as they go around it.

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