94/365 – Meditation Games #94 – Lost At Home

I’ve been lucky in my life because I’ve not had to go too far from home, nor have I felt a desire to do so. Home for me has always been where I have been, but that isn’t always the case for everyone. Some folks have to travel far from home or are away from where they were born and raised for extended periods of time, for whatever reason, which means that when they do come home, it’s a bit of a reverse culture shock, one that funnily enough is based in coming back to a place that they thought they knew but don’t anymore.

93/365 – Meditation Games #93 – The World Is Large

Games that set out to teach a lesson in terms of life perspective in the context of romance and relationships are a bit rare. Part of the reason for this is, I think, the fact that there isn’t really a one-size-fits-all approach to portraying relationships. They’re so varied and different that it’s a bit tough to come upon something that could be seen as universal truth or which happens in every single relationship, all the times. Sure, there are tropes, but that’s exactly what they are – happenings that are often a little overdone.