92/365 – Meditation Games #92 – Leap Of Faith

Developer: Kyle Nestimann

Launcher Quote: “The world is hard. A lot of times it’s not fair, and it will beat you down. But ever since I got into game development, and now a multitude of other meaningful activities in my life I have learned that it feels impossible at first if you let yourself look at the obstacles. A majority of the time there isn’t a clear path, but learn to embrace it. Follow yourself and even though you might not always be ready, be willing to take that leap of faith when the time comes.”

Embracing the new and uncertain isn’t for everyone. I know I’ve always been, for the most part, a play it safe kind of person, especially as I’ve gotten older and I have more than just me to look out for. It’s not that I’m terribly risk-averse, but more along the lines of being cognizant of what I decide and what I do having an effect on others. Still, that doesn’t mean that I’m not keen to try a leap of faith once in a while when appropriate, which is the whole point of today’s entry.

Leaps of faith require, on some level, that you look down and see that there’s a possibility of horrid failure, which makes the comparison to being on a roof of a skyscraper and leaping down all the more appropriate. There’s no bale of hay that you can see Assassin’s Creed style, there’s no safety net, just the ground far, far below. The fear at seeing such a decision loom below you is part of what makes that leap of faith, truly one where you have to put your belief in the fact that you will somehow land on your feet. It seems inexplicable in the reality of jumping off of a tall building, but there’s no greater metaphor to the amount of risk and the potential for changing your life.

There may be very well no problem with taking what you see below and deciding to back off of it, not take that leap. That’s a decision that no one is really going to fault you for doing. But being willing to look and being willing to leap if you feel you can take the risk is the point of today’s game, not that taking leaps of faith is what you should always do. To not consider the decision at all is the true failure, because not playing, whether it’s a game or in life, is a guaranteed chance at losing more than winning.

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