90/365 – Meditation Games #90 – Balancing Cat

Developer: thecatamites

Launcher Quote: “31 MAY 2018 – When I moved to Glasgow I stayed at first with a friend of a friend. Her cat liked to balance on my back.”

Cats were a recent focus of one of the Meditation Games entries from the past couple weeks or so, but if there’s any pet that provides a seemingly endless set of subjects to talk about and deal with, it’s cats. One of those subjects is most certainly the fact that they do what they want and aren’t concerned with silly things like inconveniencing humans or being worried about where they’re walking.

I sympathize a little bit with the plight of the developer in today’s entry. I’ve had cats climb all over me for a multitude of reasons, whether it’s to get attention, to try to snuggle, to try to establish dominance, or if they just plain felt like it. It was sometimes a balancing act just trying to get them to stay where they were on me without having to worry about the cat, their claws, or whatever I was doing being interrupted. Considering the fact that most of the cats that have done this to me have been completely nonplussed about the prospect of potentially falling off and hurting themselves, it’s possible that this wasn’t really necessary to even worry about – or perhaps making me worry about it was the cats’ intention all along, a way to amuse themselves on days filled with naps, feedings and human interaction.

Still, for all their troublesome nature, cats are among some of the best pets that many people consider to have around, because they have a devil may cry attitude, because they know what they want, and because when they want to, they can provide memories and comfort to many a human who needs them. That’s not to say other types of pets can’t provide the same kind of comfort, but I think that cats occupy a unique space in this sphere precisely because they have an expectation that they get to do pretty much what they want and still be cute doing it – because even if they aren’t forcing us to balance them, they’re still got the knowledge that they mean well – most of the time, anyway.


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