81/365 – Meditation Games #81 – Breathe

Many games in the Meditation Games series ask you to reflect on a theme, an idea, a thought, or a goal, but few of them¬† take it to the literal level as the one from today’s entry. Set in a peaceful beach with a beautiful view and very few people around, the goal of the game is to control your breathing, allowing you to alternately focus on the relaxing landscape and your own self-reflection that comes from it.

80/365 – Meditation Games #80 – Glowing Light From Difficult Darkness

In many religions, there is a time when there is a remembrance and recognition of the inevitable adversity one goes through in life and in faith, accompanied by a celebration of coming out on the other side of it, of being able to hold steadfast, whether in that faith or in that selfsame life, that makes the adversity and the journey worthwhile. That’s sort of the message that appears to be sent with this Meditation Games entry, as you play through a game where you’re taking something, infusing a little light into the darkness, and eventually coming out bursting at the seams with a bright celebration of smiles, colors, and bounces.¬†