79/365 – Meditation Games #79 – Indie Heat Crowd

Developer: Pedro Paiva

Launcher Quote: “Danny Sullivan’s Indie Heat is the title of the game”

They sometimes talked in the old days about the “rat race”, that term to refer to grinding through the day along with tons of other people to scrape out a living, make sure your needs are met, and try to succeed in a crowd. These days, that term sort of applies to a bunch of specific races and grinds, and gaming is no exception.

The rise of the indie dev and the ability for indie devs to be able to be recognized, self-published, and in some cases succeed almost as well as a AAA published game has been a curious one. On the one hand, there’s plenty of opportunity to pursue a passion in game design and work on creating something that people will love. On the other, there are a ton of people that have the same mentality, all trying to win the race to create the next best game as well as stand out in a crowd of creative developers.

That’s likely why today’s game is so appropriate – you seem to be struggling against others that are similar to you, looking to try to maintain being 1st, and shoving yourself towards the prize in the center, sometimes getting stuck or stopped by others trying to do the same thing. It’s an interesting visual and a way to display just how difficult it can be to get to where you want to. Curiously enough, there’s nothing really stopping you from clawing your way just close to the center to get to where you want to be, nor does it send a message that what you’re doing seems futile or not worthwhile. It just simply is, which is a good way to think about how life can treat most of us sometimes. The important thing, it seems, is to keep on racing.



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