62/365 – Meditation Games #62 – Press Space For Fun

Developer: NotExplosive

Launcher Quote: “I made a game in 20 minutes, on this day, 3 years ago.

It featured a square that orbitted in a perfect circle around a figure. The player presses space to jump over the spinning object, giving them a point. If they get hit, it resets their score.

That game was made in Superpowers in about 70 lines of code. It took 60 minutes and many more lines of code to remake the prototype in LOVE2D. Which left me with 5 hours to refine, adjust, and polish.

I expected to make a highly polished copy of the original, instead I’ve created a much better game that happens to look like the original. Perhaps they’re the same?

Regardless, I’m very happy with how this turned out, and I hope you like it!”

The title bar for NotExplosive’s entry for today reads “PRESS SPACE FOR FUN”, which is definitely the name of the game with this admittedly simple game of what I like to call virtual jump rope. But like jump roping, which is really just someone jumping up and down to avoid a rope while getting inadvertent cardio exercise, this game has its value, and I think it’s in the fact that sometimes, we like to not have to think about what we’re playing.

Part of this may be because typically I will play pretty heavily story-based, deep narrative content. I’m a JRPG fan and most of games I have loved the most are the ones that make me think about what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and how the characters I’m controlling are doing the things that are happening. The better and more detailed the plotline, the better I enjoy it. But every so often, I like to pick up a game I don’t like to think about at all – FPSes and shooters are pretty much my choice in this regard – and just go blasting away. These are the kinds of games where I can have fun on my own or with others, that I don’t have to worry about a high barrier of entry, and which I can pick up and play, then put down without issues.

So it is that even though the developer talks about how much time wasn’t spent on this particular entry and how the mechanics are simple, that doesn’t really make it a bad game, either. Some of the best games have at their core the simplest mechanics and execution (see: Portal) and sometimes, that simple mechanic is all you want to do to get your gaming fix for the day before you spend your brainpower thinking about larger, more important things.


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