51/365 – Meditation Games #51 – The Little Things

Developer Credits: Pixel-Boy, AAA, Loekni

Launcher Quote: “Plant a tree every day and you’ll get a forest, just a little reminder that small, regular actions can make great things.”

Today’s entry reminds us of the little things that make up the avalanche of larger initiatives that end up being famous, well-known, or significant throughout history. The game is mostly straightforward in its presentation – you plant seeds, water the trees, and grow new ones, taking the fruit and seeds from those to nurture new and different trees, eventually ending up with a forest.

What I liked about what the developers did with this entry was that they didn’t make what you needed to do immediately obvious. The Launcher Quote gave you somewhat of a clue as to what to do, but it took me a little bit to try to get used to the fact that I had the ability to not only pick things up but also plant them in the ground and then get them to change through logical guesswork that they needed to be watered, fed, and then planted to grow. It reminded me a bit of those games where you had to figure out what to do to progress the little bit of land and territory you were given, in a very Stardew Valley-like sense.

More importantly, though, it really did convey the message that a huge thing – like a forest, or like a big initiative – isn’t always straightforward to figure out, and that you have to do a little trial and error sometimes in order to see what you can get out of what you’re growing. You can certainly plan for things and you can basically know how to get from point A to point B, but a lot is involved in getting there, and trying to think about it as this big, huge, and intimidating thing isn’t going to work. Remembering that big things start with little things and little bits of action is how you eventually end up with the forest that you likely get to see when you finish the game, and certainly, how you get the big things in life done when needed.

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