43/365 – Meditation Games #43 – First Laugh

Developer: Jordan Magnuson

Launcher Quote: “On February 12 my son laughed for the first time.”

We’ve seen Jordan’s contributions before in the form of “First Smile”, the 14th entry in Meditation Games, where a simple color change changed a worldview. With “First Laugh”, we get a little bit more of the same, and even though it’s a bit expected it still has the desired effect.

It’s no surprise that you can have multiple moments when raising a child where your worldview changes or is reminded that it is changing. We get the same colorless screen to start and instead of yellow we get a bit of a pink for Jordan’s child’s first laugh. Pink is an interesting choice just because of the fact that it’s a bit more of a complex color than yellow (a primary color). Pink is a nuanced color that has garnered plenty of attention over the years but mostly because of how bright it makes things feel instantly. It’s pretty rare that pink makes something to be more depressing – which is why on some level it’s an appropriate color to pick for depicting the worldview shift.

It’ll be interesting to see if there are a couple more moments that Jordan chooses to highlight if he ends up contributing more to the project this year, as well as what color they could be if that’s the case. The evolution of moments told in simple colors could send an overall message about his reaction to events in his child’s life and how on the whole it ends up making his worldview more than just the single plain beige color he starts out with. Multiple colors certainly send a message that the moments in a child’s life are all unique and special in their own right, and for the parents, marked down to be a shift in how one perceives the world, and their child in it.

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