22/365 – Meditation Games #22 – Best Laid Timetables

Developers: Grace Bruxner, Thomas Bowker, Kevin Macleod, David J Patterson

Launcher Quote: “Twice a year I have to sort out my timetable for university. By the time anyone plays this (if all goes to plan) I will have finished making my timetables, and finished university. I think about this day for weeks before it happens, and the minute before the clock hits eight always feels incredibly tense. If I get this timetable wrong, or if the classes fill before I click, I lose. I lose my days at work, I lose my time off, and I lose my mornings. It’s the worst morning of the year. But the relief once I get my times correct is RAD. I celebrate, and then immediately return to bed. Safe for another semester. :-)”

If it wasn’t already apparent from my Twitter or from here, I’m a busy person. As of this writing I have this blog project, plus a podcast, plus work in a couple of different industries. I bake in my spare time, take care of my family, and of course, try to find time to play games. If it wasn’t for the fact that I kept a decently kept-up productivity system, I’d probably go batshit crazy, and even with all that going, I do have my moments of slight panic or anxiousness when I need to ensure something is scheduled properly.

So I definitely get what Grace Bruxner and company are trying to say with their entry today. When you have a strict schedule to maintain, and you have times that you need to meet, it sometimes feels like a building that you’ve carefully built out of playing cards. One wrong move or one late placement and the whole house can threaten to come tumbling down. I certainly felt this way when scheduling classes, which is what Grace is referring to in her game and in her launcher quote. Limited availability, limited times to make stuff happen, carefully crafted scheduling creating the ideal time for me to get much needed sleep? I’ve been there. That’s why when seeing the time become bigger and more daunting on the screen I definitely felt some anxiety hoping I could get things done on time.

Thankfully, it seems that I didn’t need to quite do anything to succeed at the game – inevitably it looks like your heroine makes it to the end and celebrates with a bit of music and dancing – but it doesn’t always work out that way.  Of course, that’s what careful planning and anticipation of things that could go wrong is for – and it’s wildly satisfying when a plan comes together perfectly.


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