21/365 – Meditation Games #21 – Colors, Snakes, and Fruits (oh my)

Developer: Andy Runyon

Launcher Quote: “I never remembered my mom’s birthday. I love my mom she’s a cool lady.”

Looking at today’s entry from Andy, a game where the object is to match the pattern being presented on the screen, I’m reminded of how bright color presentations and a simple way of giving a goal to a player can be satisfying. The choice of bright yellow and then equally bright colors for the consumption of the fruit objects was a good one – it meant that I was both introduced to the concept of different colors easily and that it was visually nice to see that it was clearly presented when I did it right.

But mechanics aside, I was wondering what else might be at play here. Whether or not the game had anything to do with the launcher quote (as many of these games have been) was a lot less clear in its presentation and in the game play. Was it a message where as we grow we fit into a pattern dictated to by our parents, and as we grow are given more depth, more color to what we consume, education and content-wise? Was it a way of telling us that eventually we’re given a choice as to how we shape our identity in terms of what we consume and in what order those items influence us and make us into unique humans? Or was it much simpler, and this was just a cool game that the developer made for their mother in order to actually give to them and remember their birthday?

I think that the goal of finding the answer to game meanings in this project, even if it’s wrong, is a worthwhile endeavor, though I do think we shouldn’t overthink it, either. The colors, snake-like object you control, and the fruit could mean any kind of symbolism with such a short experience, or they could be meant to be interpreted however you want, but the point is to experience the games as they are, without as much preconception and make it a game in and of itself to figure out how to play them. It’s something that I think I need to keep in mind moving forward – especially as sometimes you might not be meant to figure out an answer to what a game means, especially if there was not one constructed to begin with.


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