17/365 – Meditation Games #17 – Brain Wave Batches

Developer: Sarah Imrisek

Launcher Quote: “s l e e p t e s t

At age seven I had my first sleep EEG, resulting in a diagnosis of temporal lobe epilepsy.

I learned about brainwaves and sleep levels.

WARNING: this shows brain waves with rapidly changing moire patterns. If that’s a seizure trigger for you, I’m so sorry; you might not want to play.

Do you want to take the test?

You are feeling sleeepy.

(visuals loosely inspired by Alan Korkos’ illiustrations for La petite fille quo marchait sur les linges)”

The way my schedule goes, I tend to not get very much sleep. That happens for a variety of reasons but most of all it’s because I keep up a bit of an aggressive set of projects and personal obligations, resulting in a lot of stuff that happens to roll through my brain on a daily basis. So it is that Sarah Imrisek’s entry into the Meditation Games project hits a bit closer to home for me while still not being as heavy as some of the other subject matter that the developers so far have gotten into.

The gameplay for today was a combination of visualization and consequence. Seeing the various things that rolled through the brain I was looking at in the form of brain waves, it was no surprise that the sounds and the journey were punctuated with a constant display and audio cue that showed the frenetic nature of what was being thought about. Not surprisingly, I began thinking about my own set of things that I had to get done, that I was worried about, or that formed the basis for a lot of what I do. The way the game displays at the beginning is pretty much me every day.

In that respect, that’s sort of what made the gameplay interesting to me, because as I clicked each item in the brain wave display, and it went away, things relaxed and the waves got longer, eventually putting the player to “sleep” as there wasn’t anything left being thought about. It’s an accurate display of what happens when we might be in a deep sleep, but maybe not terribly so much by making it as simple as the things that you think about able to be forgotten with a click. I think, even in dreams, we may be thinking about one or two of the items that are at the forefront of what we want to be dealing with, though to the developer’s credit, it’s definitely a good depiction of how to ensure we become less stressed and frantic in our daily thoughts. Clearing the mental clutter, either through relaxation, sleep, accomplishing goals, or through tools like productivity systems ensures we are not constantly thinking about the things that we need to do or to stress over, but instead just working on getting them out of our head to be dealt in some manner. It’s a message that most busy people could tend to learn a little bit better, myself included, and today’s game was a nice reminder of that.


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