2/365 – Meditation Games #2 – Heart Balloon

Developer: Adriel Wallick

Armed with the knowledge that I’d likely have to figure out many of these games to see what they were saying, I picked up day 2’s Meditation Game by Adriel Wallick, which was accompanied by a prolific thought about how during the holiday, Adriel struggled with trying to balance their time with friends/family and keeping up their own internal energy.

My visualization of the game, the goal of which was to make the circle as large as possible without exceeding its limit to inflate too quickly, was sort of that of a “heart balloon”. We all struggle, I think, to fill our hearts with the interaction that’s craved by talking to others, but also keeping some time for ourselves as well – a challenge during the holiday. Overexpose yourself too quickly and the social interaction is likely to make your heart strain, causing you to have to take a breather from the world.

While I eventually eschewed the approach of letting the circle shrink a little before resuming, opting instead to click my mouse in a fixed tempo in short bursts, I think I got the message the game was trying to send, at least for me. “Don’t feel like you have to fill your heart too fast with too many interactions, distractions, stresses and friends” it seemed to say. Take it easy and only with however much you’re comfortable with. It’s a message that I think we can all learn from, especially since it should absolutely be ok to “not be ok” during the holiday. Not everyone is going to want to fill their heart balloon with very much, or even very fast. Introversion and conserving energy, especially for the holiday, is not the “wrong way”, but just another way – of approaching life, of finding fulfillment, and spending time living.

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