1/365 – Meditation Games #1 – TEMPRES’d Beginnings

Developer: tak

TEMPRES, the first entry in this project, was the game that apparently inspired Rami to create the Meditations Games project. Because this was my first foray into not only a game but the project, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Because Rami thought that part of the project would be to show that games have a communicative language all their own, it’s no surprise there is no fanfare, no title screen, just a presentation of a game and puzzling out what to do with it. It was curious how as I figured out how the game operated, that it really was speaking a language to me – one told in its simple mechanics and goal to get to the end of its white-barred journey. Would I have liked a tutorial? Probably – heck, I’m coming off of playing  Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey which for all its fanfare definitely takes your hand and holds it through learning it. No such handholding here – just trying to figure out how not only to win at the game but also what it was trying to present – well, besides the fact that that score display reminded me of those old school Atari games that with their bleeps and bloops kept a score of blocky numbers, daring to be beaten.

Apparently 53.585 is not a good score in this game. But maybe that wasn’t the point so much as to show how games can be figured out without the kind of language we’re used to seeing. Maybe that’s the kind of multi-lingual language I’ll be speaking once I’m done with this project’s games.

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