0/365 – Meditation Games #0 – A Byte-Sized New Beginning

As someone in games, I’ve respected the heck out of Rami Ismail for a while. Prolific, outspoken, insightful about games development, Rami’s contributions provide a voice in games I’ve always been interested in hearing.

At the beginning of 2019, Rami announced the meditations.games project, the result of 350+ developers and organized by Rami himself, in an effort to present small, bite-sized game experiences once per day for the entire year. On so many levels, this is so interesting to me, because it seeks to not only bring awareness of simple, minimalist gaming, but also to show how powerful game presentation and messaging can be with 6 hours or less of work. In a world where gamers argue for paragraphs and tweet threads that extend out into the internet landscape about how well a game that’s been in development for years has or hasn’t succeeded, how games with sprawling, immense personnel succeed or fail to maintain themselves, a project like this that has such potential to send as powerful and as personal a message or urging of thought as any mission or story in the biggest AAA titles is intriguing to me. This project, I think, has a bunch to teach gamers, aspiring developers, and crusty games industry veterans like myself.

And that’s why I’ve decided to blog post once per day for the entirety of 2019 on each game in the meditations.games project. I’m no stranger to blog-post-a-day challenges – I accomplished one in 2016 as a means to reboot my writing brain, after all – but in the spirit of the project, I’m adding a twist, one that just happens to help with how aggressive my schedule is. Each post will be bite-sized, taking no longer than 5 minutes to read, and unlike my habit of writing and re-writing drafts will be completely off-the-cuff and reflect my experience and thought of the game of the day.

In this way I not only perform a little psychological experiment and perhaps contribute indirectly to the project by providing some end-user feedback, but I also get to write again, albeit in little chunks that will exercise my mind and provide some challenge – because if you know me, you know I have a big problem with not making longer posts.

Here’s to a 2019 filled with interesting and insightful gaming experiences!


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