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World Of Starcraft Could Have Been’s Silver Lining


All of you gaming folks who read probably have heard about the short-lived life of a mod to Starcraft II that basically created what could have been Blizzard’s next MMO, fixing the game to make it look like what World of Starcraft could have been. Sadly, this wasn’t quite as long lived as the in-progress youtube video was asked to be taken down by Activision. The full story of the World of Starcraft’s rise and fall can be read in detail if you so choose, though you might want to check out the explanation from the author on the whole affair.

Even though Blizzard is ultimately letting development for the mod continue, it was probably a bit scary at the time for the author of the mod to have to have a speaking dialog with the lawyers over there. And regardless of whether or not the mod development continues, it can never really carry the name World of Starcraft due to existing copyright claims. In essence, what it is right now is dead in the water, and what will come will ultimately have to be tweaked to avoid some sketchy intellectual property and trademarks issues.

That being said, there’s always a silver lining to the dark cloud, as I like to think, and this situation is no different. While the whole experience was certainly harrowing and sleep-depriving, the author of the mod appears to have garnered a bit of support and exposure in the development community. The most obvious of these is an actual potential job opportunity with Riot Games, makers of League of Legends, but beyond that, whenever someone has a work that either everyone takes advantage of or has been created with a bit of inventiveness, it gets seen and noticed. No matter where the author lands job-wise, the fact that an offer was even made suggests that for all the would-be yet unknown modders and developers out there, there is some hope that they might find a way into an admittedly difficult industry to get into.

And there’s also the grassroots support through social media, opinion articles and thoughts, and commenters as well. Much like the man with the golden voice, the person who envisioned what could have been an interesting take on a Starcraft MMO has enjoyed a near-overnight rise to fame and opportunity like he never thought was possible. It’s not quite on the same level as being homeless, but it is on par in terms of the suddenness with which it happened. What is done with this is ultimately his choice, but having the choice to begin with is a blessing in and of itself.

I’m obviously not saying making a mod or something close to copyright violation is the way to fame and fortune, of course – but I think it’s safe to say that even the rare kind of brush with what could have been a bad situation has an opportunity behind it. I wish the author of the mod all the best no matter where he ends up or what he ends up doing, and look forward to hearing about good things from him.

Overly Positive Thoughts: No LAN For You!

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So a good friend and one of my loyal 9 readers, Shouryu, happened to drop me a pseudo request on Facebook about writing on the distinct lack of LAN in Blizzard’s upcoming Starcraft II, and the ensuing fan movement to keep it in. Wow, I’ve never really received a request before! It’s like I’m a real blog or something! Well, all I have to say, Shour, is you asked for it.

So if you click the link above, and hopefully come back here to me, you’ll see that Blizzard removing the ability to LAN it up with your buddies has set off everyone’s favorite online cliche, the “internet petition”. Now guys (and those one or two gals that actually play Starcraft, so cute!), I do have to first off compliment you for giving that old school method a try. I mean, considering the wildly successful track record of online petitions and how effective they are at totally changing how the developers think, how could you not? There’s nothing like thousands of /signed posts with little to no content or reasoning to make a developer give pause, right?

But people – maybe you’re all being Eeyore on this shiz and you’re not looking at the potential benefits of not being able to play with your friends in the same room. Blizzard rep Karune talked about being better, right? Don’t you guys want to ¬†enjoy the clearly high quality community that has been affectionately labeled the “BNet kiddies”? You should relish the opportunity to clash guns and ships with people who have a clear handling of the colliquialism of the English language, like “n00b”, “roflol pwned”, and “fuk u hacker”. Expand your vocabulary – yet another ¬†benefit to being completely on

Besides, Blizzard is trying to stop rampant piracy out there. They’re stamping out those pirated servers and hacked code because boy, that’d really cut into the millions-heavy money pie that Blizzard would be making on this game, and they want the whole pie, damnit. How can Blizzard execs swim in their profits properly if they’re short a million to fill a room? It’d be a travesty, and you should be more sensitive, petitioners.

This isn’t Diablo 2, either, oh no – surely the code will be ironclad and completely inpenetrable – pirate proof, dare I say. There’s no way that someone is totally going to hack up some way to enable LAN on modded code and distribute it anyway. No, Blizzard is the king of polish, and they’ll be polishing that code so hard you won’t even be able to see it all in one game, but three! Take that, pirates!

But let’s go back to how removing LAN shows that the Great Blue Hope of Blizzard is looking out for you. Do you really want to discuss your hopes and dreams, the way your day went, or talk about inside jokes with a bunch of people in the same room as you? No way! Blizzard is trying to save you from That Guy Who Prattles On About Shit You Care Nothing About, Attention Whore Gaming Girl, and Dude Who Probably Hasn’t Showered In Weeks – all people who definitely appear at LAN parties. When society fails you by throwing you into a room with these caricatures and not with real friends (since Blizzard knows you don’t have a few that would game with you, right) Blizzard is there to catch you and give you the Internet – a place where you can game in relative peace and quiet and talk all the crap you want about others without fear of getting punched in the face repeatedly. They’re so sensitive like that.

So get on the no-LAN train, Starcraft 2 fans, because Blizzard’s using it to make online play a better place for all of you. Don’t you feel better now?

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“Case of the Mondays” Cure – A Good Day for 2′s and More


It’s the start of another week, and for those of you down in the dumps, don’t despair that the weekend is far, far away. For Americans, July 4th makes this week a short week, but aside from that, there’s tons going on in the world to bring a smile to your face:

Preview – Starcraft 2 Multiplayer (Destructoid): Be jealous of Destructoid’s Jonathan Ross, because he got an invite to Blizzard’s studios to check out the first hands-on demo of Starcraft 2′s Multiplayer. Apparently, there is much in the way of sexy in Blizzard’s upcoming hotly anticipated sequel. If the press is starting to get their hands on this stuff, it definitely means that release is definitely looking to be set in stone.

SEGA Comments on Michael Jackson (Kotaku): Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few days, then you obviously know Michael Jackson died of a heart attack, leading to a broad range of speculation from everyone from no-name bloggers to major news media outlets. Sega joins the commenting circus in the linked article, so with the developer of the only Michael Jackson game in the books, perhaps we’ll see less of Michael and more talk about actual games. Take heart!

Loyalty to Google Keeps Users From Bing (Digg): If you’ve been freaking out over the advertising blitz that new search engine Bing has been doing, don’t worry – people are attached to the “Don’t Be Evil” appeal of Google and its growing empire of open source applications. No one’s going to be uprooted any time soon for new hotness, so Bing’s got a lot to prove.

Despite Terrible Reviews, Transformers 2 Makes $200 Million (The Escapist): So if you despaired at some of the worst reviews given to a movie ever, then you haven’t looked at the numbers for Transformers 2, the Michael Bay sequel featuring more robot fights upstaged by more tiny humans. Even though the movie was set to flop worse than a politician running for office, the movie made back its costs and more in 5 days, pulling in a cool $200 million. Guess that goes to show that reviewers sometimes don’t know everything about a title – or that giant fucking robots sell seats.

There you go – feel better? I know you would.

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