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Unf*ck Yourself From The Internet

When I was writing regularly two years ago as part of my Blog Post a Day series, a common theme I kept bringing up was the fact that the internet was a double-edged sword. The things that make it great – instant updates and responses, the collective power of online opinion, the ability to create bite-sized ideas that have the potential to invade the mindset of the internet populace – are also the things that make it awful, with terrible consequences. And they can really, really fuck you up.

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(Online) Sharing is Caring

So in case you didn’t realize it today, Twitter went down for a a little bit. Maybe about an hour or so, an hour and a half. Now, I didn’t really notice the downtime, though I have a feeling some of the folks who tend

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Way back in the day – and by that, in geek terms, I mean probably a year ago – I used to want to keep up with the news of the day in the world at large. Yes, as much as I enjoyed reading about

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Plus One

Lately I’ve been getting a little more into the swing of the social media thing. This doesn’t seem to be a surprise to many of you, as those of you who know me outside of this blog know me to be a rather social person

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Everyone’s An (Online) Critic

I’m not sure if I want to know where they got a movie where a cat was in a bride’s outfit… Anyway, today’s little missive to start the week involves something I was thinking about the other day as people were reacting to some seriously

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It’s Not Just About Toilet Tweets Anymore

Today’s post is about not just the meteoric rise of social media and its association applications, but about a curious, and particularly awesome thing that I noticed while reading over my friends’ feeds this morning. There’s so much less toilet tweeting. Now I’m not trying