156/365 – Meditation Games #156 – WEDnesday Environmental Care

When I was growing up, there was a primary vehicle for making sure I was environmentally conscious, and that was the Captain Planet show. Sure, it was often at 6:30am in the morning on Saturdays, but I always managed to either make sure it was recorded or be up way too early for my own good, eating breakfast cereal while Captain Planet and the Planeteers saved the Earth from pollution and bad environmental practices. When the show went away, the programs that encouraged environmental awareness didn’t seem as far-reaching – and certainly not as fantastical.

155/365 – Meditation Games #155 – The Chase

Different points in life are easily seen as phases – all part of a process in which you have an overall goal you are trying to get to and are making an effort in order to get to where you need to, putting in decisions, ideas, and running towards an ideal that gets you to the next step that you want to take. Often times such phases are filled with stumbles, mistakes, and other such lessons that you use in order to keep up the chase, to grasp that next step,a nd to move on from there.

154/365 – Meditation Games #154 – Doggo Heaven

Some dogs, left to their own devices, are the most distracted and playful animals out there. Unlike their counterparts in the common four-legged pet realm, the cat, dogs are not above running around, playing with and running around with any object they find to be interesting, chasing humans and animals alike, and generally not really caring their all-too-hyper behavior makes them look silly. 

153/365 – Meditation Games #153 – Forest Connection

We’ve had a lot of nature-based entries in the Meditation Games series lately,and the trend continues with this game about the developer meeting up with the person that they would eventually consider to be their soulmate in a  kind of camping and compansionship setting in a forest. Even though you can forge connections in a city, in a workplace, and in other urban-based environments, some significance was placed on the fact that this happened out in nature, that appropriately enough, the seeds for a connection were planted over the course of their time in the woods.

152/365 – Meditation Games #152 – Safari In The City

If you spend any time in a big city, like I do, you tend to forget about some of the simpler stuff that exists that occurs in nature. Sure, you get little reminders here or there when you see a forest preserve or a park or someplace that is cultivated and isolated for the purpose of not having sprawling city built in it, but never really an obvious and in-your-face occurrence of it.

151/365 – Meditation Games #151 – Platformer Training

Platformers have always been punishing to me even when I was a wee little gamer trying to find out what genre of games I enjoyed the most (and thus trying out everything). I’ve talked about this before during writing about this project, but many of the platformers I played were harsh lessons in being able to get good at the mechanics of jumping, making gaps, being smart about getting around or killing enemies in my way. So it was a real ingenious thing to see a platformer that actually allowed you to put in some progress beyond having to start all over.

150/365 – Meditation Games #150 – D&D’s IRL Saving Roll

I’m not a D&D player – not necessarily because it isn’t my bag, but like Pokemon and Harry Potter, it’s an intersection of geek culture that I never really had the time to get into. Long-term time commitments have always been the bane of someone like me who is constantly busy, so as fun as D&D looked, it didn’t seem like I’d be able to both learn rules and be able to participate in a way that was a meaningful contribution to the campaign.

149/365 – Meditation Games #149 – POGStalgia

I never really got into the POGS craze of the late 90s (and yes, I realize that means I’m most certainly dating myself), and part of that was the fact that I was playing and obsessing over Magic: The Gathering, a game that at the time, seemed like it would be a popular fad like POGS was (oh, how time has proven us wrong). As a result I never really had a chance to play with POGS that much, but that didn’t keep me from appreciating this little nostalgia gem from back then.

148/365 – Meditation Games #148 – Precious Togetherness

In the craziness that can sometimes occupy our time in the real world, it’s easy to forget moments spent with those you care most about that, though seemingly minor in the grand scheme of life, do still carry some significance and agency as far as being able to remind you of something important that you can cherish when you’re in that tornado-like force of nature that is your daily grind, your stress, or anything else that tends to threaten to be overwhelming. This game is a reminder of these moments, and serves its purpose well.

147/365 – Meditation Games #147 – Shared Rain

Shared events often are catalysts to bring people together that normally wouldn’t interact or hadn’t met before. Some of the time this can be  people at the same party, people who are at a place where people tend to gather like a convention, or at places that people are every day, like work, the coffee shop, and more. But more often than not, like it is in the developer’s setting for today’s game, it’s just at a place where people are waiting for something, even if it’s as simple as trying to wait for a way out of a pouring rain storm.