205/365 – Meditation Games #205 – Mental Dogfight

One way that people have been able to deal with the fact that they struggle with things like depression, anxiety, and the like is to envision those feelings and those difficulties as something tangible or visual, to give it form so that it isn’t something nebulous and invisible, and so that it doesn’t have as much power as it normally does over those that have to cope with it every day. It’s a technique that allows for people to be able to take action, to mentally be able to compartmentalize that vagueness of negativity into a single entity, so as to be able to symbolize what they try to ultimately do with it.

204/365 – Meditation Games #204 – Creative Chaos With Fruit

The creative process is rife with peaks and valleys of inspiration, and as someone who has been blogging on and off for the better part of a decade, I am intimately familiar with that kind of roller coaster ride. Sometimes you’re hit with a huge bit of motivation and sage understanding, and you begin writing words that basically just spill out of your mouth, and other times you’re just utterly spent and can’t come up with anything beyond a couple of words here or there. It’s the great dilemma of the creative process – no one’s going to be completely inspired 100% of the time, but you need to work your brain to try to get past when it isn’t in some form or fashion.

203/365 – Meditation Games #203 – Exceeding Limits By Leaps and Bounds

Platformers have always intrigued me on some level because of the fact that the character onscreen is someone who in all likelihood you wouldn’t be able to duplicate in real life as far as what they’re capable of in the game. Unless you’re conditioned and impressive physically (in which case, kudos to you), players wouldn’t really be able to do the ninja flips, wall jumps, and top-down enemy evasion that many platformer characters are able to do. In this sense, they’re all about transcending limits by a simple ability to jump further and farther and higher than you could normally.

202/365 – Meditation Games #202 – Pizza Passion

Creation is probably one of the main motivating factors behind anyone who gets into cooking or baking, as I have. There’s a certain sense of satisfaction in being able to put together something from nothing, and not only that, to have others enjoy what you’ve made. A lot of why I continue to do more with baking is for that look that people get on their faces when they eat something that I made and they are always wanting to come back for more.

201/365 – Meditation Games #201 – Breaking Through To Beloved

Barriers that exist in order to keep you from moving forward have been a theme with the entries that have been uploaded for July. Persevering in spite of them, or just as a means to become something more, has also been somewhat of a theme as well. But very few, if any of them, have dealt with the goal of breaking through to someone as an objective, as a means of trying to find someone to connect with, or who you care about in order to make yourself stronger. This game, one which takes a bit of effort to ensure that you get to your goal without issue, is one of those that takes this more specific tack on the message.

199/365 – Meditation Games #199 – SO Support

Support structures are supremely important to being able to accomplish what we want. While there’s a certain amount of individual dedication and strength required in order to be able to meet your goals and reach new heights, rarely are those goals met without a certain sense of assistance, whether that be from those around you who love you, from dedicated and loyal co-workers, or from friends who are there for you when you stumble. Even rarer are presentations which really show the importance of that structure, as your accomplishments usually take center stage, with the structure only referred to in passing, grateful remarks after the fact.

197/365 – Meditation Games #197 – Final Resting Place

Many of the entries in this project deal with death on some level or another, and I’ve seen entries that deal with the finality of it, look at it in a positive light in terms of cherishing memories, and try to come to a conclusion about whether or not it is the actual end of existence. But none of them so far have taken the political or religious tack that Shelly’s entry does, putting the burial of a grandfather at odds with the religious orthodoxy of a country itself embroiled in a battle about territory.

196/365 – Meditation Games #196 – Rug Contentment

Sometimes it’s the little things, the specific things that give us a sort of relaxation, a contented feeling that, even though it may be short term, is enough for us to forget some of our pains and issues, not have to think about what kind of problems we have to face that are large and looming before us. Part of the reason why people give advice to try to take a mental break once in a while is so that we’re allowed to reset ourselves, focus on something trivial, and hopefully come back stronger, both mentally and physically.

195/365 – Meditation Games #195 – Aimless Wanderings

Life is sometimes filled with experiences at times of running in place, of trying to get somewhere where you feel like you need to go, but never really getting there, and seeming like you might be doing a bit of aimless wandering in doing so. We all go through these experiences in life, and they can, with not so surprisingly reliability, be annoying to our forward progress.

194/365 – Meditation Games #194 – Outside Of The Zone

Sometimes it’s the simplest presentations that provide some of the most interesting and impactful messages with this project, which is why this particular entry is impressive to me. It consists only of two shapes, one solid circle you control and an ever-expanding outline circle, and with a simple mechanic of getting out of the outlined circle there’s a message sent about getting out of something that restricts you and expanding your horizons.