209/365 – Meditation Games #209 – Two Possibilities

In life, there are multiple forks where things can turn out in different ways depending on the decisions we make. We decide to attend that certain college, or go to another. We think about whether or not we want to pursue one career or the other. We make a choice about who to have in our lives and who to leave behind. Lots of these decisions might seem trivial, but when compared to someone else, especially someone that’s your family, they can become stark and painfully obvious as to their divergence.

87/365 – Meditation Games #87 – Window Contemplation

Contemplation is a big part of meditation, in part because of the fact that it forces you out of your frame of reference and into one that has you look at what you’ve decided and took action on in your life. In a sometimes hectic world where decisions can sometimes be made in the moment and where big choices can have you moving a mile a minute without being able to think about them, being able to take time to think about what’s happened can arm yourself for the future. A bus ride, especially one that occurs over the course of hours, is one setting where this can be processed and thought about, and is the perfect setting for this entry.