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Excuses, Excuses…


You know, some people have a legitimate excuse for missing a weekday post. They say that they’ve been busy with housework, or perhaps that they needed time to study for school, or in the case of Syp from Bio Break, welcoming a new addition to the family (belated congratulations).

My excuse for missing this stuff? The KFC Double Down:

By the way, there’s a neat little timeline impression of the Double Down from NPR, if you want to be amused.

Perhaps I need to do more exciting, yet enjoyable things in my life…


Unhealthy Geekery Gets A Boost


Today, Shannon of Multiplaying dropped in this link over Facebook regarding what could be the unhealthiest thing to hit our shores yet. Kentucky Fried Chicken is releasing the Double Down on April 12th, a creation of fried chicken “bread” bordering what looks like bacon and cheese.

What does this have to do with an annoyingly positive geek blog? The curious thing about this little artery-clogging invention was not the surprising and perhaps disturbing sense that it is real, but that there were 4 or 5 people IM’ing me asking if I’d be having one. In turn, I knew perhaps 3 or 4 people of the geeky persuasion who might also be insane enough to stuff this into their gobs.

Why is it that geeks are sometimes associated in this way with unhealthy things? It probably ties into the fact that geek stereotype declares, like some kind of law, that if you are a computer whore or gaming obsessed or a tech lover, that you automatically don’t have good eating habits. I mean sure, I don’t help this along. I wrote about the reverse psychology of unhealthy foods with geekery a while back, and perhaps my four food groups consist of Pizza, Deep Fried, Bacon, and Potato Chips. It’s entirely possible that my friends don’t help this along either – one, for example, has a Super Bowl tradition of creating the Bacon Explosion every year.

Still, however, there are friends I have that are geeky that watch their food intake. There are a few I know who run marathons, more who exercise on a regular basis – something companies like Nintendo have picked up on with the whole slew of exercise games for the Wii. There are those who make a conscious effort to lose the gut they got playing hours of World of Warcraft and subsisting on a diet of Cheetos and Mountain Dew. Yet others practice the martial arts, and would probably beat my ass down for implying they’re stereotypically fat enough to try fried chicken and bacon together. The more that social networking groups, games, and tech reach out to help my fellow geeks get into shape, the better it gets – so the stereotype is slowly dissipating from the social consciousness.

Whether or not the Double Down seeks to be a short-term, cholesterol boosting flop or a long-term staple of the great American diet remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure though – it’s perhaps the most unhealthiest, fried-up, insanely high calorie sandwich ever…

…and I can’t wait to try one.

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