Another Day In Cubicle Paradise
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The indomitable Jim Sterling from Destructoid dropped in an article talking about some curious comments that came through from Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino. Apparently, Tomino isn’t too fond of games, saying that they are horribly “unproductive”, “waste electricity”, and are “assisting in the death of our planet”.

Now I liked Gundam as much as the next anime fan dude, but this is rather silly, Mr. Tomino. Are you aware of the laundry list of what kind of productivity games lead to? Do you have any idea what kind of planet-saving value playing games actually does? I don’t think you do, so some examples are most certainly in order.

Hand-eye coordination is probably the most common thing. Think about it, Gundam guy – if we didn’t have the coordination borne from hours of playing Mario and Zelda, we’d never be able to watch your shows while simultaneously downing a Red Bull, or lift popcorn to our chubby little faces while we cheer for the latest Gundam design pounding through its enemies. We wouldn’t be able to properly operate the DVD remote in the darkness, feverishly moving past the ending and intro tracks of your show. To get to another riveting Gundam episode, where overly emotional teenagers inexplicably save the world with technology that is surprisingly as advanced as it is color-coordinated (for better merchandising of course), we need that reflex that comes only from games.

And what about the lessons we learn in games? If we weren’t desensitized to the violence of someone ‘s bowels being ripped from their stomach because of hours of Ninja Gaiden or God of War, wouldn’t you say that we wouldn’t be able to stomach episodes where giant robots blast each other into tiny bits? What if we’d never learned from 7 playthroughs of Metal Gear Solid that “love can bloom on the battlefield” and that you should treat the ones you love with hate or cold, unfeeling apathy? We’d never be able to deal with all those Heero and Relena anime music videos.

So you see, aside from boring counterarguments that any pasttime is honestly a “time-waster”, there are clear and present benefits to playing tons of games and wasting plenty of the earth’s electrical power. But I dunno – maybe Tomino would rather we spend our efforts on something far more productive – like making a life-sized Gundam. Eh – I can get behind that, I guess, right?

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