97/365 – Meditation Games #97 – Love Connection

Love’s one of those things that has a variety of outcomes as far as how it can both begin and end. It can be a fated encounter or an inevitability, or it can be completely coincidental. Either way, the connection that happens with love is something that some people have tried to puzzle out but who most people still don’t really have a formula for, regardless of what all the romcoms have told us.

96/365 – Meditation Games #96 – Tragedy Through Static

When something horrid happens to you, or to someone that you care about, there’s a kind of mental cut that happens through everything that you’re doing at the time. You could be out and about, at home doing something in your normal routine, or in the case of the developer, at a concert where everyone is clearly having a good time and enjoying themselves. That cut slices right through everything, making everything else that isn’t relevant to the event seem like background noise and static.

95/365 – Meditation Games #95 – The Endless Drive

For me, driving is a bit therapeutic. The longer the drive, the more it relaxes me. Maybe it’s because I’ve been fortunate enough to stay away from areas where driving can be stressful as all hell, but I’ve had good luck going down different roads and taking trips where I’ve had time to reflect, take stock of things, and generally be able to calm my mind. But I do know that’s not always the case, and that sometimes a drive can be anything but calming, even if it’s something that is as routine as drivingĀ  a parent to and from work.

94/365 – Meditation Games #94 – Lost At Home

I’ve been lucky in my life because I’ve not had to go too far from home, nor have I felt a desire to do so. Home for me has always been where I have been, but that isn’t always the case for everyone. Some folks have to travel far from home or are away from where they were born and raised for extended periods of time, for whatever reason, which means that when they do come home, it’s a bit of a reverse culture shock, one that funnily enough is based in coming back to a place that they thought they knew but don’t anymore.

93/365 – Meditation Games #93 – The World Is Large

Games that set out to teach a lesson in terms of life perspective in the context of romance and relationships are a bit rare. Part of the reason for this is, I think, the fact that there isn’t really a one-size-fits-all approach to portraying relationships. They’re so varied and different that it’s a bit tough to come upon something that could be seen as universal truth or which happens in every single relationship, all the times. Sure, there are tropes, but that’s exactly what they are – happenings that are often a little overdone.

92/365 – Meditation Games #92 – Leap Of Faith

Embracing the new and uncertain isn’t for everyone. I know I’ve always been, for the most part, a play it safe kind of person, especially as I’ve gotten older and I have more than just me to look out for. It’s not that I’m terribly risk-averse, but more along the lines of being cognizant of what I decide and what I do having an effect on others. Still, that doesn’t mean that I’m not keen to try a leap of faith once in a while when appropriate, which is the whole point of today’s entry.

91/365 – Meditation Games #91 – Museum Solo Quest

I was surprised that it took this long to see an entry that involved a museum. Museums are made for meditation and reflection, but have a visual element to help you along on that front. Whether it’s to look at an art movement, or a science exhibit, or an anthropological exhibit about the history of man or beast, museums have been designed to get us to look inward as we look outward at observing things. Today’s game involved not only going to the museum but doing so on your own in order to be able to look and think at your own pace, and to ensure that you took the appropriate amount of time to appreciate what you’re seeing.

90/365 – Meditation Games #90 – Balancing Cat

Cats were a recent focus of one of the Meditation Games entries from the past couple weeks or so, but if there’s any pet that provides a seemingly endless set of subjects to talk about and deal with, it’s cats. One of those subjects is most certainly the fact that they do what they want and aren’t concerned with silly things like inconveniencing humans or being worried about where they’re walking.

89/365 – Meditation Games #89 – Choices And Paths Taken

Choose your own adventure is, I think, an underappreciated genre in games. You see it in some of the moral choice games that we’ve seen pop up in the last 5-10 years, certainly – but I sort of feel like choice is a difficult metric to measure as far as appreciation. Part of this may be the fact that you’re boxed in when it comes to making choices. Even in the biggest, most open world games that state that you have choice as a whole, you’re still in a linear box that does, at some point, limit you to the game’s borders.

88/365 – Meditation Games #88 – The Determined Pawn

Determination is a big part of trying to ensure that you accomplish what you want to in life. While it isn’t the whole of every recipe to do so, and is by no means a guarantee of success, sheer will isn’t something that is to be underestimated, especially as it relates to being able to get to where you need to one step at a time. Such as it is that this Meditation Games entry is about that very feeling and that very trait, especially in the face of hardship and difficulty.