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Unf*ck Yourself From The Internet

When I was writing regularly two years ago as part of my Blog Post a Day series, a common theme I kept bringing up was the fact that the internet was a double-edged sword. The things that make it great – instant updates and responses, the collective power of online opinion, the ability to create bite-sized ideas that have the potential to invade the mindset of the internet populace – are also the things that make it awful, with terrible consequences. And they can really, really fuck you up.

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Downtime Doldrums

Image by Will Pate via Flickr Whether you’re hurting waiting for server maintenance to finish (as is the case with Champions Online), for a game to come out (Aion), or for a massive ISP fubar to clear itself up (WAR), you’re going to experience that

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Natural Gamer-y Selection

Image via Wikipedia Ah, Darwin. So stoic, is he not? Perhaps he could have used more games in his time. Still, there’s  a reason for his appearance in one of today’s posts. Syncaine from Hardcore Casual went through a recent purge lately, as it seems

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Ask the Developer – A Mini-Guide

Image via Wikipedia One thing that I have been thrilled to see lately is people who work at blogs and sites getting a chance to rub shoulders with game developers of their choice. This is made very apparent when sites like Darth Hater and Gaarawarr

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Sandboxing SWTOR

Image by ragemckage via Flickr If you haven’t checked out the transcription I created of Darth Hater’s Day 1 Q&A at PAX with Bioware for Star Wars: The Old Republic, I’d suggest you do so – it’s a long, but good read. One thing I

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Overly Positive Thoughts: Games Iz Too Productive!

Image via Wikipedia The indomitable Jim Sterling from Destructoid dropped in an article talking about some curious comments that came through from Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino. Apparently, Tomino isn’t too fond of games, saying that they are horribly “unproductive”, “waste electricity”, and are “assisting in

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SWTOR and the Public PAX Showdown

Image by Roo Reynolds via Flickr So the pre-PAX hype is upon us in full swing, and there are going to be tons of games and developers for the unwashed masses to meet this weekend. Sadly, plans didn’t come together and I won’t be at

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WAR’s 1.3.2 Cannonball

Image by Danny Playami via Flickr Well – Zemanta couldn’t find me a good cannonball splash picture, but a human cannonball will be just as attention-grabbing, I think, right? Over at Warhammer Alliance, I’ve posted an interesting interview with Jeff Skalski that talks about the