82/365 – Meditation Games #82 – Karaoke Spirits

While I’ve admittedly not karaoke’d as much as I would have liked over the years, the times that I have went ahead and done so are times that I’ve enjoyed, and for the most part that’s because of the fact that it’s a social activity that allows everyone to have the same level of embarrassment about singing ability (or in some cases, awe in those that actually have some). I’ve always been cool with karaoke nights because they’re just fun with a group of friends who don’t take themselves seriously.

81/365 – Meditation Games #81 – Breathe

Many games in the Meditation Games series ask you to reflect on a theme, an idea, a thought, or a goal, but few of them  take it to the literal level as the one from today’s entry. Set in a peaceful beach with a beautiful view and very few people around, the goal of the game is to control your breathing, allowing you to alternately focus on the relaxing landscape and your own self-reflection that comes from it.

80/365 – Meditation Games #80 – Glowing Light From Difficult Darkness

In many religions, there is a time when there is a remembrance and recognition of the inevitable adversity one goes through in life and in faith, accompanied by a celebration of coming out on the other side of it, of being able to hold steadfast, whether in that faith or in that selfsame life, that makes the adversity and the journey worthwhile. That’s sort of the message that appears to be sent with this Meditation Games entry, as you play through a game where you’re taking something, infusing a little light into the darkness, and eventually coming out bursting at the seams with a bright celebration of smiles, colors, and bounces. 

78/365 – Meditation Games #78 – Networking Anxiety

Networking is always a scary affair as much as it is beneficial to those that engage in it, and with good reason. Like trying to make friends or be social, networking takes a little bit of putting yourself out there, walking into unfamiliar territory, and generally trying to meet new people. But in addition to these challenges, networking has with you a professional obligation as well – you’re talking with others in order to build your contacts, your professional opportunities, and your career.

77/365 – Meditation Games #77 – JRPG Group Solo

If there’s one genre that I keep coming back to that I consistently enjoy, it’s the classic JRPG. Turn-based combat, story-focused plotlines, convoluted yet interesting  villains, impossibly attractive protagonists – I love every trope and gameplay element of JRPGs, and even though the genre itself has taken a slight tumble over the years, there’s still enough of them being produced to show that it still has legs.

76/365 – Meditation Games #76 – Real Life Inclusion

The developer of today’s meditation games entry poses a question about inclusion that I think resonates pretty strongly with a lot of us, especially those of us who grew up awkward and geeky and perhaps didn’t really have the internet or other mediums to find a place to fit in. Unlike the movies, where the awkward person can sometimes turn out to be the hero, there is definitely a sense where that doesn’t really happen as much in real life – and in fact, the opposite can happen, where someone can be shunned or even told that they don’t matter and that they’ll never fit in.

75/365 – Meditation Games #75 – Walk In The Park Dimension

My parents were always the ones that were taking photos and snapping memories of me as I grew up. I remember having at least one dedicated set of minutes to picture taking at every special occasion, whether it was birthdays, first tooth having fallen out, graduations, you name it. Always they’d follow behind, taking memories that were likely not to be lived again, despite my sometimes annoyance at having to do so.