173/365 – Meditation Games #173 – Wordless Trauma

As much as we like to believe that games are meant as a form of escapism, that much of what they portray or show is something fantastical or unrealistic, and that it would never be able to happen in the real world or be portrayed as such, these days what developers place into games is very much real, and sometimes very much like what the real world would be like, even if the context in which it’s placed is one that is fictional or not altogether something immediately apparent. That’s why when they portray something traumatic, disconcerting, or difficult, that it shouldn’t be something that we discard, or worse, disdain. 

172/365 – Meditation Games #172 – Explorative Reaction

While it’s nice to have a little bit of context through the launcher quotes in this project for what is going on with the games in this series, sometimes it’s a good thing that things are a bit vague, or that they aren’t quite as clear until you begin playing the game. Some of that is purposeful intention on the part of the developers – they want you to be able to come to your own conclusions, or try to figure out what they might have wanted to do when they were creating the game. Others have an intention but are vague enough that you have to work out what might be going on, and even then, perhaps come to a conclusion the developer may not have intended.

171/365 – Meditation Games #171 – Planting The Seeds Of Effort

Work ethic is something that I think gets a little bit of an underappreciation these days. Part of the reason for that is that as a concept, it isn’t as sexy of a marketable term for oneself like “driven” or “self-starter” or “team player” or any of those other words. Work ethic and effort just is. It’s sustained, quiet, and part of a repeated and regular process to keep being excellent.

170/365 – Meditation Games #170 – Collision Division

One of the interesting things about this project is figuring out what makes the various games go, in a sense. Because for some entries, there haven’t been as obvious of a clue to them, such as within the launcher quote or in the developer’s own thoughts, for some days you’re kind of left to your own devices to see what’s out there and also figure out how it works. Much of the time, the figuring out of things is part of the fun of Meditation Games.

169/365 – Meditation Games #169 – Desert Castle Journey

It seems a little cliche, but the old saying about it being more about the journey than the destination probably applies more to road trips and travel away from home than with anything else, at least in the literal sense of the saying. After all, part of the whole point of a trip isn’t as much about where you end up as where you end up going in the process. Most trips that are planned are planned around several stops, spending time in a few different places, and accomplishing an overall goal of taking the time to not be in a destination that is either your home or at work.

168/365 – Meditation Games #168 – Caterpillar Fascination

For as big as certain things are to the point where they can’t helped but be noticed or seen, there’s a certain amount of value to focusing on some of the littler things in life every so often. We get so caught up in what’s in front of us for so long that we tend to forget that there are things that are happening just out of the periphery of our sight or our notice, but which are still important in the grand scheme of what could be considered life on this planet.

167/365 – Meditation Games #167 – Layout Simulator

It’s fairly fitting that after we just had another entry in the Meditation Games collection that talked about the decisions you make before you move, that we inevitably were going to have one about the decisions you make after you’ve moved. Just as there’s a certain sense of organizing and packing away one’s life in one sense, there’s definitely another process involved in terms of getting it all unpacked and organized once you’re in a new place with new aspirations and a new lease (in some cases literally) on life as a whole.

166/365 – Meditation Games #166 – Summer’s Inception

This time of year, at least where I am, is always one of my favorite times. The weather finally stops teasing being warm and actually begins to be warm, that subsequent warmth isn’t terribly and overbearingly hot but is instead comfortable and nice to go out in. Sure, if you’re an adult you no longer get that “school’s out” feeling that you get when you used to get three months off of class out of the year, but ther eare other ways in which the summer holiday gets celebrated as an adult – either with beach trips, or barbeques, or by summer events.

165/365 – Meditation Games #165 – Moving On Up

The process of moving has always been multi-faceted in many ways, beyond just trying to pick up tent stakes and move somewhere else for whatever reason. It’s an opportunity to think about how you approach things as you start over in a new place, a way to reflect on memories that you’ve had while you’ve been living where you’ve been, and in the case of this developer’s Meditation Games entry, to organize your life and also figure out what goes with you.

164/365 – Meditation Games #164 – Anxiety Darkness Into Light

There’s a few analogies that have been attempted to try to explain to people who don’t typically have anxiety attacks what it’s like to have them and live with the fact that they can be had at any point and for a variety of reasons. A big part of trying to couch it in this way is to try to ensure that there is the right kind of empathy and also approach that comes with trying to better understand those that live with anxiety. Of the many that I’ve been shown, the one that the developers in this Meditation Games entry use, that of a fog of darkness and a struggle and a continuous journey towards a light of hope and clarity, is among the best I’ve seen.