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100/366 – One Hundred In

I’ve reached 100 posts, so here’s a bit of a meta reflection on how things have gone with blog-a-day-for-a-year so far.

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Adventures in Community

You might have noticed that I’ve been posting a bit more about Community stuff lately. I’ve been asked and prodded about the time I spend on gaming’s industry side, and have always wanted people to get a little bit more insight into the Community Management

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Blogging Thirst

Yep, it happened again. I totally stopped blogging for a few months. I sort of go through this kind of thing every so often, and have for the past year or so. Sometimes it’s life getting busy, sometimes it’s me forgetting or just being unable

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The Geek’s Version of “The Dog Ate It”

I know what you’re thinking, dear tiny reader base. “What the heck happened? Where did my regular dose of positivity about geekdom run off to?”, followed by “what the heck kind of breakfast should I have since it was sugary kids’ cereal the last couple

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Why The Positive Geek Bloggery Continues

I’m stealing a post topic that’s stealing another post topic by referring you folks to Ysharros and her post a few days ago about why she blogs for the internets. In the face of the rise of blogging and how it has helped geeks and

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New Year Means New Fresh Posting Start

Boy, it’s been a while. But happy new year, right? The problem with having things be sunny side up a lot of the time is the fact that for some reason or another, you just get busy, busy, and more busy. Whether people want to