63/365 – Meditation Games #63 – March Fourth

I’m admittedly a terrible freestyle type dancer, so I sympathize with what I saw in the launcher quote from Sarah today. Dancing in general requires you to have a bit of devil-may-care attitude about how others see you, to have confidence in how you’re moving. I tend to have a bit more of that confidence in if I have something I’m following that’s choreographed – which is probably why I’ve been into k-pop lately as that is its stock in trade, in part – but if it’s freeform I have a lot more trouble. That being said, dance as a form of expression of feeling or emotion in response to music is a powerful thing that can overcome even some of the worst of the apprehension you feel at putting yourself out there.

62/365 – Meditation Games #62 – Press Space For Fun

The title bar for NotExplosive’s entry for today reads “PRESS SPACE FOR FUN”, which is definitely the name of the game with this admittedly simple game of what I like to call virtual jump rope. But like jump roping, which is really just someone jumping up and down to avoid a rope while getting inadvertent cardio exercise, this game has its value, and I think it’s in the fact that sometimes, we like to not have to think about what we’re playing.

61/365 – Meditation Games #61 – Under The (Europa) Sea

Part of why geeks like me love Star Trek, I think, is because of the vast and potentially infinite possibilities of undiscovered space and planets – even those within our own Solar System. The potential for something new and different that could be life-changing, de-centralizing us even more from the notion that we are alone in the universe as one of its few intelligent beings. So when we see something true-to-life and real, like the discovery referred to by Kevin and Leonor in today’s game, it has a way of charming me much like watching people go boldly where no one has gone before on the TV screen.

60/365 – Meditation Games #60 – Skeletal Journey

Typically when you receive a reminder about something that is an overarching tenet or belief or practice you should be following, like today’s lesson in remembering not to discriminate, you’re told to see the big picture. You’re supposed to see the whole of everything, pull back from your specific situations and think bigger and not smaller. It wouldn’t have surprised me for joon and Jared to have taken this approach with today’s game and they would have been completely fine doing so.

58/365 – Meditation Games #58 – Puzzle Contentment

Simple activities that involve solving things are some of the most satisfying ways you can spend time, especially with others. There’s a reason that such group activities, such as putting together a simple puzzle, have evolved into larger and more expansive affairs like go-cart racing, all-day outings in the city, escape rooms, and other such romps. There’s a sense of built camaraderie, enjoyment, and satisfaction at accomplishing and doing things together and it’s likely why people seek other others for interaction in the first place to build towards such bonds.

57/365 – Meditation Games #57 – Alternate World Wanderer

Every so often I like to think about the possibilities that could have been – the roads less traveled, the different places I might have ended up in were I to take a different path or made different choices. Such fancies are, of course, temporary, as we all live normally in one reality where we’ve made the choices that we have and are on a set path that we’ve traveled down, with no going back.

56/365 – Meditation Games #56 – Memories From Mundane Rain

Memories can be made from the most seemingly insignificant or mundane events in one’s life, and today’s entry focusing on one of those memories from Sam Wong’s life shows this in the form of a gloomy, rainy night walking home with someone special. You wouldn’t expect a dark night walking with an umbrella trying to avoid getting wet would be a memory worth making, but the significance comes through in the form of the developer both wishing that the moment could have continued forever and that it centered around the simple act of closeness of having one’s arm intertwined in theirs.

55/365 – Meditation Games #55 – Heartbreak in Graffiti

When it comes to relationships, it’s extremely hard to want and have them without at some point expressing some kind of heartbreak or difficulty, even as you experience such joy and uniqueness of feeling. Ali’s entry for Meditation Games has an ample bit of both, contained in an activity that typified the bond that she shared with the girl she refers to in her launcher quote. When you’re with someone that makes you feel special, any activity that you do together, no matter what it is, is something that allows you to be close with them, spend time with them, and express love to them. When things are good, they’re a reminder that creates memories of fondness and warmth.

54/365 – Meditation Games #54 – French Press Pressure Relief

Recent entries in the Meditation Games series have asked us to be a bit more reflective, not of the significant or larger things, but of the small things that make up those larger things, and of course, of the little things that make up day to day life. Today’s contribution, surrounding the simple enjoyment of a French Press, seems to be along the same vein, albeit on a much more focused and smaller scale than the others. But it’s no less impactful in its thought and message.